Neoprene® ◊ MR35

Chloroprene    Technical Data Sheets
BC – BE – SE

Durometer range: 40-95
Temperature range: -50oF to 220oF

An all-purpose outdoor-indoor synthetic rubber, this material is resistant to most chemicals, oils, and weather.


Closed Cell (Sponge)
ASTM D6576    ASTM D1056    SAE AMS R 6130   MIL-R-6130

Open Cell (Expanded / Foam)
AMS 3197    AMS 3198
ASTM D6576    ASTM D1056    SAE AMS R 6130    MIL-R-6130    MIL-C-3133
GAR 100A1AS0125, Rev. A

ASTM D2000    MIL-R-3065
SAE AMS C 6183    MIL-C-6183    MIL-G-6183
SAE AMS R 6855    MIL-PRF-6855    MIL-R-6855    MIL-G-1086

Processes: Die Cut – Extrusion – Molded – Sheet – Specialty Fabricated