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Application Specification Compound
Air Filter ASTM D1056, Type 2, Class B, Grade 1
Fuel Tank MILPRF6855, Class 1, Grade 40 MR40-40-16
Junction Box Cover MILG1149, Type 2, Class 1 MR35-65-01
Wheelhouse ASTM D2000 5BC, 410, C12, F19 MR35-40-


Application Specification Compound
Bumpers MILB24113 MR75-80-03
Bushings MILR3065 SC415 A1, B1, C1, F1 MR35-40-40
Donut-Type Wire Cable Support MPR 406, REV.G per
ASTM D2000 M2AA624,B13
Eyeshields ZZR765, Class 3B, Grade 50 MR60-50-07
Insulation Sleeving MILI3930C, Type JN-L MR35-60-32
Light Housing AMS3332 MR60-20-02
Manhole Cover Shield MILR3065 M5BC410, F19 MR35-40-36
Radiator Shield MILR3065 RN615, A, C1, F1, G MR45-60-05
Rod Separators MILR6855, Class 1, Grade 60 MR40-60-21


Application Specification Compound
O-Rings ASTM D2000 M2BC407 MR35-40-02
Spacer AA59588, Class 2A, Grade 50 MR60-50-25
Vee Rings MILR3065, Grade SC610 MR35-60-32


Application Specification Compound
Aspirator ZZR765, Class 3B, Grade 50 MR60-50-25
Door MILR3065, Grade SC610 MR35-60-32
Escape Hatch MILR3065
Fan Inlet ZZR765, Class 3B, Grade 60
Muzzle Cover  MILR7362, Type 2 MR40-70-26


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Increasingly tighter defense budgets create a need to maintain older equipment and service parts are often not readily available.  A customer came to us for a small quantity of a molded inlet hose: tooling was no longer available and the mil spec for the materiel had been cancelled with no direct replacement.

We recreated the tooling  and selected our compound MR35-60-47 that exceeded  the parameters of the original specification to make the hoses; which extended the life of the vehicles.

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