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Mechanical Rubber Team Heading to APTA EXPO 2017

Cedric Glasper, President and CEO of Mechanical Rubber will be heading up a team to attend the 2017 APTA EXPO in Atlanta, Georgia. Held triennially, the trade show features over 12,000 professionals from the public transit industry and is a premier opportunity to connect, discover and share innovative solutions all under one roof.

Stop by and visit Engineering Head Barry Moellman at the Mechanical Rubber Booth #4215 at the Georgia World Congress Center from October 9 – 11. Say Cedric sent you!

Local Students Complete Mechanical Rubber Internship Program

Two local college students, J. Casey Burley and Daniel Stachelek participated in the Mechanical Rubber internship program this summer.

Casey, a 2014 graduate of Warwick Valley High School is currently a senior at the University of Rhode Island where he is majoring in Journalism. Last year, a friend referred him for a job working in the plant, but he was invited back this summer to work in the administrative offices. Reporting to Alisa Sherow in the Quality Department, Casey is responsible for order processing, invoicing, organization and customer support. He hopes after graduation to work for a big magazine in New York City, where the knowledge of working in an office is sure to come in handy. In Warwick, Casey ran track and field for the Wildcats.

“Casey is an excellent worker,” commented Sherow. “His work is consistently accurate. He has afforded me time to concentrate on projects that I haven’t had time to work on in months. He is an asset and I’ll hate to see him leave at the end of the summer.”

Dan is entering his sophomore year at Central Connecticut State University, where he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology. A resident of Tuxedo, Dan graduated from Burke Catholic in 2016, is a power-lifter and snowboarder, who wrestled, played football and ran track in high school. He hopes to work in the Aerospace field for a big Aerospace company like Sikorsky or Northrop Grumman, so Mechanical Rubber was a great fit for him. He began his search for internships when still in school, hoping to find something close to home, when he came upon the offering from Mechanical Rubber. “There is a lot of in-depth work here,” he commented. “The work with the machines is great, because I don’t plan to be sitting in an office designing.” Dan rotates during his time at Mechanical Rubber, working in manufacturing, quality, lab and maintenance. With the intricacies of manufacturing for the Aerospace industry, the hands-on experience should prove to be invaluable for Dan’s future and he has already asked if he can come back to the company when he’s off from school.

“Dan is a hard worker who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty,” said Johnine VanBeers, Production Planner. “He is a quick learner. I’ll tell him to do something and he does it, no questions asked. Dan’s a good kid. He’s learned a lot already and has been beneficial to our plant.”

“I am excited to be able to offer quality hands-on experience to college students through our internship program,” commented Cedric Glasper, President and CEO of Mechanical Rubber. “I’ve always been a supporter of education and believe that coupled with work experience, internships are a great way to build a stronger workforce. We’ve been lucky to have two excellent interns this summer and look forward to the ones we’ll meet as we go forward.”

Applications for internships are available on the RESOURCES page at the company website

Cedric Glasper, Alisa Sherow & Casey Burley

Mechanical Rubber Set to Do Business with Metro North

Cedric Glasper, President/CEO of Mechanical Rubber attended a workshop on Tuesday, August 8 at Rockland Community College offered by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Rockland Economic Development Corporation’s (REDC) Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). Small business owners were invited by the MTA to come to the event to learn the ins and outs of doing business with Metro North Railroad.

Scheduled seminars included a small business mentoring program, MNR Discretionary Award opportunities as well as new and emerging contractors, and opportunities for disadvantaged small businesses.

“I learned a lot at this event,” stated Glasper. “The transit industry in New York State is growing and I look forward to the business opportunities present for Mechanical Rubber.”

Mechanical Rubber President/CEO, Cedric Glasper (right) met with Metro North Railroad Compliance Manager, Christine Norman during an MTA workshop geared to assist small businesses in working with Metro North.

New York State Manufacturers Go to Albany

Cedric Glasper, President/CEO of Mechanical Rubber joined manufacturers from all over New York State for the 2017 Manufacturers Lobby Day in Albany on March 1st.

Event participants had the opportunity to address specific policy issues, such as Workers Compensation and Regulation, Taxes and Economic Development, Workforce Development, and Energy with state legislators.

Glasper was part of the Taxes/Economic Development group that discussed raising Real Property Tax Credits for manufacturers from 20% to 100%, which would provide $200 million in tax relief to NYS manufacturers annually; moving the implementation of Start Up New York to an existing economic development organization; as well as requiring New York State ‘Buy American’ contracts to source in-state manufacturers first.

“It was a very successful event,” commented Glasper. “I am very optimistic about the future of manufacturing in New York State.”

Mechanical Rubber President/CEO, Cedric Glasper (from left) joined Vits International CEO Deirdre Ryder,  Package Pavement Corp President Darren Doherty and Schatz Bearing Corp CFO Brad Euker.  

Community Foundation Honors Cedric Glasper

Cedric Glasper, President and CEO of Mechanical Rubber, was honored for five years of volunteer service by the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan at an awards banquet on Wednesday, February 15 at The West Hills Country Club in Middletown, NY.

Cedric Glasper is joined by fellow honoree Valerie Zammitti (left) and Community Foundation President and CEO Elizabeth Rowley (right) at The West Hills Country Club in Middletown.

Aerospace Industry Sets New Export Record

The Aerospace Industries Association announced yesterday that the US aerospace and defense industry delivered a record $146 billion in exports during the 2016 calendar year, an increase from $143 billion in 2015. Civil aerospace sales comprised the vast majority of revenue, with defense sales representing 15 percent of the total. Read the whole story here.

Glasper Reflects on Mechanical Rubber’s Past with Eye on Future

20120418_1As Mechanical Rubber reaches a landmark 75th Anniversary this June, President and CEO Cedric Glasper reflects on the company’s past, with his vision focused clearly on its future. “I can’t believe that Mechanical Rubber is 75 years old,” said Glasper, who took the helm 21 years ago.  “Each week still feels like my very first week with a long laundry list of To Do’s.  At times I feel like I’ve gone from a row boat to a canoe to a kayak; other times it’s like a motor boat cutting through the water at a high speed and then a sail boat that needs strategy and advance planning trying to reach our destination.”

Mechanical Rubber has seen many changes, improvements and successes over the years.  “Twenty-five years ago, we were a molding and die cut gasket house with customers in the automotive industry, such as Trico Wiper Blades (bought out by Crowne Group and currently owned by a private equity firm Kohlberg & Company); electronics, such as Crouse-Hinds (purchased by Cooper Industries and now Eaton Corp.); and aerospace, with Allied Signal, which is now a part of Honeywell,” Glasper recalled.

“Fast forward to today,” he continued. “We die cut, mix, extrude, mold, wrap, and fabricate many types of rubber and plastics, and in the last two years we began fabricating metals, specifically aluminum, for aerospace.  Mechanical Rubber parts are in the International Space Station, aircraft wings and doors, bowling alleys, shrimp processing, bridges and retaining walls.  We even manufacture expansion joints for air and liquid flow for marine applications and industrial facilities. And the next time you ride your local transit railcar, take a look at the black rubber gasket around the windows and doors.”

“My sales team spends a lot of time locating our original customers’ new buyers and engineers to ensure that they continue to receive the same quality and service that we have always provided and at the same time guaranteeing that we don’t get left behind,” said Glasper. “There are few companies that exist today with the same personnel I met when I started over 20 years ago.  I, myself, have seen close to 200 employees come and go at Mechanical Rubber, and am still on the look out for skilled and talented professionals to join my team.”

Products and customers change constantly, which requires Mechanical Rubber to adapt to new technologies and environments for rubber to be manufactured to whatever application may arise.  Every day poses new challenges, endeavors and opportunities, which keeps Glasper on his toes. “Believe or not, today I am considered an expert in my field, yet I still have that long laundry list of To Do’s.”

APTA photo 3Mechanical Rubber opened its doors in Warwick, NY in 1941. In 75 years, the company has seen six wars, 13 presidents, energy crises, the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, and a man walk on the moon. It has celebrated times of prosperity and withstood times of recession. It has employed baby boomers, hippies, yuppies and, now, millennials. It has grown with the times, yet held on to the values of the past. It has married the newest of technology with the endurance of hands-on craftsmanship, and will continue to seek new opportunities to bring its commitment to excellence to customers in every industry. To learn more about Mechanical Rubber and its history, visit